Guadalupe Martiarena

Guadalupe Martiarena is an Argentinian architect, designing a unique collection of Argentinian leather shopping bags, handbags, purses, pouches, and leather accessories carrying her own name. She was originally inspired on her father’s factory of leather horse saddles, where she had the opportunity to explore and discover work with leather.

Her designs are exclusive and distinctive because of their colorful nature, high quality, and artisan handmade. Guadalupe Martiarena conceived each one of the accessories with the functional benefit in mind as well as a piece of art shining on its own and giving this light to their user. In fact, many of her designs have been conceived as a one-of-a-kind piece, due to the aleatory combination of its shapes, colors, and patches; each piece is unique and exclusive.

All Guadalupe Martiarena accessories are 100% genuine leather. Handmade in Argentina.

Product Care:

-It is recommended to protect leather with a protector similar to the ones used on leather shoes
-Never wash with water or detergents
-Never dry it in front of direct heat
-Clean with a soft bristle