Top reasons personal shopping sessions are on the rise

A long time ago, people used to go to the tailor to custom make their dresses and suits.  Later on this became a way of purchasing only for weddings and the elite consumers. But the increase lower quality of garments, standarized sizes and patterns, and cheap and environmentally unfriendly fast fashion, encourage a generation more engaged in customized make up, haircuts, travel experiences, food at home or restaurants, to also have custom made clothes or at the very least a personalized shopping experience.

Many companies are embracing this model of direct selling luxury accessories and clothing at an affordable price for the middle class woman and man. The e-commerce shopping experience has also increased, driven by several businesses including Amazon. Purchasing branded clothing, shoes and accessories online has become very popular. Despite not being able to view and touch the product in person, the returns are made quite easy so shoppers can change their mind if that dress did not fit as expected.

Direct in-home shopping offers a solution to that need of an in-person experience, and companies like Ellie Kai even customize the sizes, patterns and shapes off a number of preset options, to their customers. This makes the shopping experience fun, relaxed, and convenient. The garments take 3 weeks to be made and reach the customer after ordering. Future orders can be made again in person, or online.

Lifestyle tastemaker India Hicks is another adventurous business model, capitalizing the in-home, direct selling trend to commercialize beautiful lifestyle products designed by India Hicks, as well as quarterly curated collections from partnering designers around the world. Again, this model works because of convenience and the quality for the price. Luxury products for less than $500 and a great party with friends. Not bad!

Several boutiques have implemented by-appointment business models in an effort to replicate the personalized shopping business model. Few people like to shop a large store, along with many other people. They like to be pampered and treated nice in their homes or the stylist home, and have rewards for bringing friends to also shop. This trend not only replicates what the top 1% have been doing for ages, but it brings back the fun and the social interaction to shopping. Try it out!

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